[For Sale] Arashi 5x10 Anniversary Tour Goods

For sale:

0. Tokyo Dome and Sapporo Dome Charms
1. Pamphlet
2. Clearfiles

3. Mini uchiwa

4. Jumbo Bathtowel

5. Concert T-shirt

6. Penlight (18$)

7. Group Photoset

Other goods available
1. Green fingers Postcard set
2. Green Fingers Pamphlet

Payment method: Paypal only
Shipping options: EMS, regular airmail, SAL (not recommended)
Shipping: by envelope or in a box (Please keep in mind the package will become heavier if in a box)
All items are bubble wrapped well.

Please email me at yume.agari@gmail.com if interested in purchasing!
You can contact me regarding other goods that are not on the list too